What is Agarwood Tea?

Agarwood / Gaharu / 沉香 is a resinous, dark wood formed in the trunks

of Aquilaria species tropical trees. For centuries, agarwood has been prized

by both Middle Eastern and East Asian cultures for producing high quality

incense and perfumes.

This same unique aroma can also be found in Silver Orchards Agarwood Tea.


Health benefits of

Agarwood tea:

·   Regulates blood glucose levels

·   Promotes healthy sleep

·   Promotes healthy digestion

·   High in liver protective antioxidants 


Why Silver Orchards?

At Silver Orchards, our tea trees are nurtured using sustainable organic

farming methods. Every leaf is carefully selected, then dried at optimal

temperatures to retain vital nutrients and draw out delicate flavor nuances,

bringing you revitalization in every cup. Enjoy!


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